Psychological services:

PATHS offers a comprehensive range of psychological services which include assessment, therapeutic intervention/counselling and educational consultancy for children, adolescents and their families.

We offer a multidimensional approach to assessment, tailored to your child's individual needs and considering the whole child and the environments in which they live and learn. A range of therapeutic interventions and/or counselling techniques may be offered or explored for use with your child or adolescent.

Assessment areas:

  • Developmental, Intellectual and Educational assessments
  • Identification of learning and /or processing difficulties
  • Identification of giftedness
  • Identification and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental presentationsincluding autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity (AD/HD) and intellectual developmental disability (IDD)
  • Behavioural and adaptive functioning assessment
  • Support for school based funding applications - DoE, CEO and Independent schools
  • Support for VCE special examination arrangements

Therapeutic intervention and counselling areas:

  • Supporting children and teens with AD/HD or  autism
  • Developing self regulation
  • Mental health, stress, anxiety and depression
  • Dealing with trauma, grief and loss
  • Parenting and sibling support
  • School and social difficulties
  • Bullying
  • Self esteem and assertiveness
  • Sleep and toileting issues

What does assessment involve?

Cognitive and educational assessment or psycho-educational assessment, involves the completion of a range of visual and verbal problems and school-based tasks over two to three sessions. The psychologist will then use the information gained, in addition to the history provided by the parent and pre-school/school, to identify the individual’s particular learning or developmental strengths and weaknesses.

Following a feedback session with the parents and where appropriate, the student, a written report will be completed  with recommendations for ongoing support or programming for the child or student.

For young children, or complex assessments, an observation of the child at pre-school, child care or school may also be recommended.

How can counselling help?

Counselling can assist the child or adolescent to sort through personal or family issues. By talking through the issues with a psychologist your child or adolescent can gain a new perspective on a problem and develop strategies for working through it. The psychologist can help to set short and long term goals and to implement strategies to achieve them. Counselling is tailored to individual needs and helps to establish skills that can be used over a lifetime for the wide range of difficulties that people encounter in their daily lives.